MasterWorks Concerts

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Upcoming Concerts 2022:

  • February 17, Sentimental Journey @ Saginaw, 7pm
  • March 17, Frenchies Blue Destroyers @ Saginaw, 7pm
  • March 25, Jan Ryberg @ Southlake, 6pm
  • April 8, Wanda King Bug Band @ Southlake, 7pm
  • April 14, The After-Party @ Roanoke, 6:30pm
  • April 21, Me & My Monkey @ Saginaw, 7pm
  • April 28, Zack King Band @ Roanoke, 6:30pm
  • April 29, SlipStream Sounds @ Southlake, 7pm
  • May 6, Frequenzia Tejano Band @ Southlake, 7pm
  • May 12, BluePrint @ Roanoke, 6:30pm
  • May 13, Petty Theft @ Southlake, 7pm
  • May 19, Legacy 4 @ Saginaw, 7pm
  • May 26, Frequenzia Tejano Band @ Roanoke,  6:30pm

Sponsors: Davis Family Dental Care, City of Saginaw, City of Roanoke, City of Southlake, Texas Commission on the Arts, Colleyville Chamber, Tarrant County Commissioners, Abuelos (Hurst)

Thank You For your Support!

Thank You to everyone who purchased raffle tickets and supported ArtsNET and our programs.   

WAIT…. Don’t forget you have received a SIX-MONTHS, Trial MEMBERSHIP to ArtsNET, another FUN, fortuitous opportunity! We’re gambling that in 2021 you’ll become a long-term, FUN ArtsNET FRIEND!

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This opportunity to win the $500 raffle benefiting ArtsNET, was donated by Pinnacle Bank, who supports arts and culture in the community.

Honoring Community Volunteers

Shining Stars 2022

ArtsNET is postponing Shining Stars at this time.

If you have purchased tickets, your money will be refunded.

 We look forward to celebrating your recognition as a Shining Star in your community at a future date.
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