Enrich Our Community

Join us in bringing art
to those who need it most!

If you have a passion for helping others thrive and grow, please consider partnering with ArtsNET today.

Your membership to ArtsNET will help...

  • Tier 1 $25-$50: Underwrite "community Cultural Calendar."

  • Tier 2 $51-$100: Fund art supplies for AOW programs.

  • Tier 3 $101-$250: Utilize local talent in "MasterWorks Series."

  • Tier 4 $251-$500: Expand art to many communities in need.

  • Tier 5 $501-$1000: Fund AOW classes and other programs.

  • Tier 5 $1001-$5000: Sub-grant to local art groups & artists.

Together we can make an impact on our communities.

Become a Partner Today!